Delaware Blue Hen On the Air

My latest QSL commission puts one of our 13 original colonies — and its feathered mascot — in the spotlight.

Mark, N3HND, has been a ham most of his life, the last 36 years of it in Delaware. He had several ideas for a cartoon QSL. My favorite, of course, was the one that gave me an excuse to draw a cute funny animal: in this case, the Delaware Blue Hen.

The blue hen isn’t exactly a recognized breed, but it is connected inextricably with Delaware’s history. According to legend, a company of Revolutionary War soldiers from Delaware carried the hens with them because they were said to be fierce fighters. The University of Delaware already uses the blue hen as its mascot. Why not put it on a QSL as well?

Because Mark favors digital modes these days, I drew the hen, complete with a tricorn hat, “pecking” away at a keyboard in front of a monitor filled with waterfalls. Then I added three chicks with headphones: one with a code key, one with a microphone and one with a handi-talkie.

I like this QSL because it’s fun, simple and specific to N3HND’s QTH. I hope the hams who find this card in their mailboxes will like it too.