Dogs and cats hamming together

KK6DOA ham radio cartoon QSL by N2ESTAnyone who’s followed my work knows that I just love drawing cute animals. I also like putting headphones on them. (A friend once told me I don’t even need to sign my QSL art any more; if the drawing shows a cute animal wearing headphones, N2EST must have drawn it.)

Given all that, the request by Chuck, KK6DOA, that I draw his pets operating his shack was right up my alley. I resisted the urge to have the station go multi-op with everyone wearing cans; only Chuck’s German Shepherd, Maggie, gets headphones, in this case with a boom mic.

This was a fun one to draw. Want a QSL that shows your animals on the air? Drop me a line and we’ll design it together.

Let it snow in Buffalo

K2QW ham radio cartoon QSL by N2ESTWith fall upon us and much of the U.S. still experiencing warm weather, it’s easy to forget that parts of the country will experience serious cold within a few months. One of the coldest places in the country: Buffalo, New York.

Phil, K2QWK, lives in a suburb of Buffalo and wanted a QSL that commemorated exactly that quality about his QTH. He also wanted his ill-tempered cat on the card as well. (If you were that cold for months on end, you’d probably be ill-tempered too.)

To do that, I made an ice sculpture out of Phil’s call sign. I added snow, lots of snow, with a few snowflake “dingbats” placed in the bottom line of type. And to top it off, I dressed the cat (scowling, of course) in a stocking cap and a scarf.

This brings up an interesting question: If you experience severe cold weather where you live, what do you plan to do to “winterize” your antennas, towers and feedlines?


Sometimes simple is better …

KG5JQT ham radio cartoon QSL by N2ESTSusan, KG5JQT, is a cat lover, so she wanted simply cats on her QSL: “Yellow tabby cat sitting operating ham radio. Headphones on, one paw on straight key, other paw holding mike. View is from behind, showing back of cat. Maybe show a kitten playing with her dangling tail.”

I love visual puns, so when I saw that the “Q” in Sue’s call sign could look like a cat and its tail, I simplified it further. Sue’s response: “Very inventive! I like it!”

So did I. In fact, so did my wife, Gail, N2ART. We have two cats, and Gail wants one of them incorporated into the “2” in her call when I finally get around to drawing her QSL card.

This is one of the very few QSLs I did not sign — but only because I couldn’t find a place to hide my call sign that wouldn’t spoil the design’s simplicity. In my opinion, simple is almost always better.