Rifles and radios

N4BRR cartoon QSL by N2ESTSean, N4BRR, belonged to the elite Blue Ridge Rifles drill platoon when he attended the University of North Georgia. It’s still a big part of who he is, so he wanted it featured on his cartoon QSL, right down to the unit’s logo and a real rifle, all set in a cartoon version of his work cubicle.

He wanted a lot of other details as well: A gnome (it rhymes with his last name). A gun target (it’s on the right monitor) A picture of his children (it’s on the middle monitor). A picture of a squirrel drinking Guinness beer (it’s on the left monitor). The logo of one of his favorite bands, Nine Inch Nails (it’s on his t-shirt). And … a University of North Georgia calendar with the date of his wedding anniversary, circled, as a gift to his wife (it’s on the right end of the card).

I’m not sure I did justice to the details of the rifle, but I did my darnedest to get everything else right. It’s a fun QSL.