Rover / mobile / portable

K0BAK cartoon QSL by N2ESTThis cartoon QSL was fun to draw. Pete, K0BAK, operates a lot from the road and wanted an all-purpose card usable for any activity from any QTH. Because it’s best to operate from as high as possible, I placed him and his Honda van on top of a plateau. Maybe the mountain goat on the other plateau knows how he got there.

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Offroad QSLing

KG7PKA cartoon QSL by N2ESTShawn, KG7PKA, is a new ham who says his primary station will be in the Jeep Rubicon he drives offroad, so he wanted the vehicle with a map of Washington behind it on his QSL. It was an easy card to compose and fun to draw. I used to spend hours as a kid drawing cars. Can you tell?

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Phone patches and auto patches

ham radio autopatch cartoon by N2ESTI drew this cartoon some years ago to advertise a phone-patch-related product marketed by j-Com. It sure brings back memories of the way hams used to connect with the phone system. Does anyone still use a phone patch or an auto patch? For that matter, does anyone still use a landline phone?

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Hot rod QSL

W7SAB cartoon QSL by N2ESTWhen John, W7SAB, told me he wanted a picture of his 1929 Nash hot rod on his QSL, I knew immediately how I would play it: His QSL would be an homage to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, creator of Rat Fink and king of the hot-rod cartoonists.

Drawing this card presented three challenges: Getting John’s likeness right, getting John’s car right, and making it look as if Roth might have drawn it. I think I got close.

John’s reaction when he saw the finished product: “Awesome!!!” This one was a lot of fun to draw.

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Truckin’ with ham radio

KB8ILD cartoon QSL by N2ESTRaymond, KB8ILD, is a long-haul trucker who wanted his semi  — not just any semi, but his semi — on his QSL card. Easy, right? Well, sort of. While there were plenty of reference images on the Internet to help me get the the general dimensions correct (and he did send me a picture of his truck), a rig like this doesn’t easily fit onto a postcard. To balance it out, I moved the call sign above the trailer rather than placing it on the trailer itself. I also hand-lettered the entire card, something I do from time to time. I worked for years hand-lettering comic books for Marvel, Dark Horse, First and other publishers, so I’ve had plenty of practice.

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KK4AGN and her RV (and Skipper, too)

KK4AGN cartoon QSL by N2ESTMy latest cartoon QSL commission was a lot of fun. Margie, KK4AGN, and her husband Gerhard, KF4GGK, travel the country and the hamfest circuit in a Winnebago — that is, when Margie’s not editing the club newsletter for the Anderson (S.C.) Radio Club. That’s why she wanted the Winnebago on her QSL — along with her dog Skipper. (We’re going to assume Gerhard is in the back, operating mobile.) This commission required drawing a specific vehicle in cartoon form, along with likenesses of both Margie and Skipper. I think Margie liked her caricature. If Skipper doesn’t like his caricature, he’s not saying.

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