Hamtoons QSLs come in different flavors for different hams. Which ham are you?

“I just want the cartoon. I’ll figure out how to print it myself, either at home, at an office-supply store or through a QSL printer.”

original cartoon by N2ESTAn original black-and-white Hamtoons cartoon for your QSL typical costs only $125, subject to quote. “Typical” in this case usually means a figure or two with a background showing ham-radio equipment, along with your call sign. The price includes scanning it for your use and forwarding the scan either to you or your printer. It also includes the original hand-drawn black-and-white illustration used to create your QSL, inked in archival-quality marker on 8½” x 11″ Bristol board, suitable for framing and hanging in your shack (see picture on right). If you’ve ever purchased original cartoon illustrations at comics conventions, you know this is a bargain.

“I think I’d like the cartoon to be in color.”

Coloring the cartoon via computer is the best way to ensure that the colors look good in print, much better than coloring the hand-drawn illustration itself and scanning it. Computer coloring with Adobe Illustrator is an extra $75.

“I don’t want the hassle of juggling computer files and dealing with more than one vendor. Can you just print the QSL for me, too?”

Of course. Hamtoons can print your cards and have them delivered to your QTH, at prices competitive with other U.S. printers. And we’ll throw in typography and a report form, too.

Hamtoons QSL cards are a standard 5½” x 3½”, printed on sturdy 16-point stock, color and UV coating on the front, black and white on the back. Any extra typography and one of several standard report forms are included at no extra charge. All cards are printed in the United States.

Prices for printing your two-sided Hamtoons QSL card — color on the front and black-and-white on the back — are $85 for 250 cards, $95 for 500 cards and $115 for 1,000 cards.

I’ll be glad to work with the printer of your choice, but most hams find that taking their printing elsewhere doesn’t save enough money to justify the extra effort.

Payment is accepted via PayPal and invoiced when the cartoon is completed.