Hank Hill as a ham radio operator?

cast of "King of the Hill"Recently my XYL (wife for you non-hams) and I have been watching reruns of “King of the Hill,” Mike Judge’s wickedly funny cartoon series about middle-American life in Arlen, Texas. When I watched it the first time, I thought it was one of the best-written sitcoms, animated or not, on TV. Watching it a second time hasn’t changed my opinion.

One thing I have realized since then, though, is how much the cast of “King of the Hill” is like every amateur-radio club I’ve ever belonged to. Just about every cast member could be a ham.

  • Hank Hill would be an Extra-class licensee, club president and area EC. He’d get misty-eyed when the ARRL was mentioned. He’d have the tightest, best-built station in town, much of it homebrew – powered by propane, of course.
  • Boomhauer would be the club vice president. He wouldn’t be much on phone but would be an ace at CW.
  • Dale Gribble is the ex-CBer who’d have his ham license lifted quickly when the FCC discovered he wasn’t really Rusty Shackleford.
  • Hank’s wife, Peggy Hill, would get her Tech license just to be with Hank. She’d then chair the Field Day committee and totally screw it up. Hilarity would ensue.
  • Bill Dauterive would join the club and get a license just to be close to Peggy. Yet more hilarity would ensue.
  • Hank’s son, Bobby Hill, would also get his Tech license, then tie up the club repeater with comedy routines. Even more hilarity would ensue.
  • Bobby’s girlfriend, Kahn Jr., would ace her Extra test on the first try after being pushed into it by her parents. She’d operate for just a little while – but only because it looks good on college applications.

Do these people look familiar? What kinds of ham would other cast members make? Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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